This is a Fully Engineered Magic Madgie Original Aloha Shirt - Click Here for Larger Image

     Magic Madgie Originals Custom Made Aloha Shirts are $99 each. Because of differences in fabric and patterns, we cannot guarantee that your shirt will be fully engineered.

    However, for an extra $25 - we can make it happen - Guaranteed!

Magic Madgie Originals - Hand Made Aloha Shirts and Stuff for the Discerning Individual.
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Each Magic Madgie Originals garment is personally designed for its recipient. We don't use "S-M-X-XL-XXL" or "One Size Fits All." We get our customer's exact measurements and cut the fabric to fit the individual. We also consult with our customers in selecting the fabric that is just right for the personality.

All of our aloha shirts have "engineered" pockets. This means that the fabric on the pocket is cut so it blends right into the shirt, almost seamlessly. Sometimes, our Aloha shirts are "fully engineered, " which means the pattern is cut so that both the pocket and the face have this seemless effect. The shirt on the right is a good example of a fully engineered shirt - you have to look carefully to see the pocket and the botton line all but disappears into the shirt.